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“Crafting Your Business, Step-by-Step”

lain-008-bw750Dear crafty business owner-to-be:

When I started my online business almost three years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. I had a dream and a lot of passion, but I had no clue how to put all the pieces together to create a successful business.

I remember crying to my husband, saying, “If someone would just show me what to do, I would do it!”

But that fairy godmother never arrived. Instead, I had to figure it out myself. I sorted through reams of information, spent hours taking video and audio classes, and invested thousands of dollars invested in training courses.

Fast-forward to today, and I run one of the most successful personal brands in the scrapbooking industry. I’ve been able carve a niche for myself that gives me the income and lifestyle I desire, all while working in an industry I love.

While I can’t promise that you can do exactly what I’ve done, I can help you benefit from my experiences. You can take advantage of the years of hard work, the thousands of dollars and hours I’ve invested in learning and coaching, and the mistakes I’ve made… so you don’t have to!

I can be that fairy godmother you’re longing for!

I’d like to invite you to start “Crafting Your Business, Step-by-Step.” In this gorgeous ebook, you’ll receive a step-by-step, 30-day plan for making your business a reality.

No more confusion.

No more overwhelm about what to do next.

No more frustration.

Just clear, concise, step-by-step information and advice on how to build YOUR business online!

You Will Learn:

  • Creating a goal for your business, based on your unique interests and strengths
  • Developing your “Secret Sauce” that will help you stand out in a crowded market
  • Designing a recipe for social media and marketing that won’t take you hours a day
  • Sketching a plan for content creation for your blog or website that supports your goals
  • Identifying the main sources of traffic, revenue, and customers that you need for YOUR business
  • …and more!

You’ll Also Receive These Bonuses:

  • Free access to the “Business Love Potion” presentation from Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems where I discuss finding your personal “love potion” for enthralling your audience and bewitching your customers ($24. 95 value!)
  • Complimentary access to the “Traffic Jam” one-hour video “scrapinar” on driving massive amounts of traffic to your blog ($17.95 value!)
  • Exclusive access to regular email updates for unadvertised bonuses and coupons!

All This for Less Than A Cup of Starbucks Coffee a Day!

Invest $47 in Your Business and
Get the Relief of
Cutting Through the Confusion
in Just 15 Minutes a Day!

I typically charge $249/hour for one-on-one coaching and business advice. Here is your chance to get HOURS of my time for a fraction of my normal rate!

An Example of Our Daily Topics:

  • Day 5: Your Secret Weapon – The Email List
  • Day 11: Where Do You Fit? Defining Your Unique Value
  • Day 16: Selective Amnesia – Reviewing Your Blog with Fresh Eyes
  • Day 20: Toot Your Horn: Promoting Your Content in Five Minutes a Day
  • Day 24: The Simplest Way to Make Money Online

Just Imagine… 30 Days From Now, You Will Have:

  • A specific goal for your business, and a list of potential revenue streams that fit YOUR skills, personality, and resources
  • A clear idea of your personal business style, your “Secret Sauce,” and how to make your business stand out
  • A simple social media and marketing plan that will take you just minutes a day to complete
  • A content creation and blogging plan to carry you through the first quarter of 2013

I hope you’ll let me partner with you to “Craft YOUR Business” so we can cut through your frustration and help make the next 30 days into DOING, not dreaming.

Lain Ehmann
Scrapbooking Superhero

P.S. OF COURSE this eBook is guaranteed! While I can’t guarantee that you will make money, I can guarantee that you will learn enough to get your business up and running. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can contact us within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.


What Others Are Saying About Lain:

“Lain has the heart of a teacher. She truly loves sharing what she’s learned and helping others along on their journey. She listens to where you are, and what goals you have, and then offers simple actionable steps to get your business off and running. With Lain’s guidance I was able to increase my email list by more than 40% in one month’s time! Lain also helped me create a strategy to reach my business goals. I can’t recommend Lain enough. I wouldn’t want anyone else in my corner! ” – Monica Bradford, ScrapInspired.com

“Lain knows knows how to connect with her community. But it’s no accident. Some of the top bloggers on the planet have turned to her for advice on how to ramp up their blog engagement. If you want to improve your online presence, she’s your gal.” — Paul B. Evans, 7-figure online business owner of Nicheology.com


“It wasn’t just Lain’s immediate and generous support that astonished me. Lain has built her business very quickly into a six-figure money-making machine, and has shared tips and taught me techniques to use in my own business. I’ve already seen a HUGE jump in my income… If you want to increase your business skills this will be your best investment to do just that.” –Katie Davis, children’s book author and illustrator, KatieDavis.com
“I have instituted many of Lain’s recommendations and have seen increased traffic and additional subscribers. I have begun to see an increase in sales and an increase in my followers…. It was really great to have a pair of critical eyes look over my shoulder and help me see where I could improve. I think Lain’s assistance has me eager to learn more and continue to hear more!” –Cara Miller, CaraMiller.com
“Let’s just start by saying that the amount I paid vs the advice and guidance I received from Lain’s CYB course was worth way way more ! CYB helped clarify a few things for me as I had already launched my website and set up my shop but wasn’t sure what my next step should be. Lain offered sound advice from having “been there, done that” and took away the mysteries that eluded me in how to make my online business a success. My confidence that I too can run my own business has grown tenfold. Run, don’t walk to CYB!” –Debbie O’Neal

“CYB gave me a ton of direction. I had a site up and running but I didn’t have a direction. I was able to come up with my secret sauce and give my site a direction. I know what I want to offer people and how to offer my products to people now. Meeting you and being introduced to other businesswoman has been the best thing for my business and for myself!” –Beth Soler, scrappingwonders.com
“CYB really blew my expectations out of the water. In 30 days I set up a site, a blog, a mailing list. Not only was the process easy to follow and totally approachable but you gave me permission so to speak to put myself out there and take a shot and that in itself is the most valuable lesson. Also through the class I made friends and contacts and knowing that you are not in any of this alone well that is a gift!”–Dani Taylor, scrapperonthestreet.com